The most important questions about Breast Augmentation

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The female breast is probably the most important identifying feature of a woman. Perhaps you have just arrived at a point in your life where you are no longer satisfied with your breast and want to make it even bigger? Then you should read the most important questions about breast augmentation.

Why choose the breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation in plastic surgery is probably the most commonly performed procedure. Most women would like to have their breasts enlarged, as they are not satisfied with their “natural” size, perhaps the breasts are uneven and do not fit their own body. Since a breast cannot be enlarged without surgery (except occasionally with a push-up bra), the self-esteem can suffer greatly. However, no woman should feel uncomfortable in her skin, so time to think about an appropriate step.

What are the options for breast augmentation?

Basically, there are two methods to enlarge the breast. You’ve probably heard of at least one method: implants that are inserted into the breast to enlarge them. You have the choice of cup size and discuss together with your doctor the implant form that is to be used. Especially round and oval implants are often used; all modern implants are made of silicone today. The filling of the implants consists mostly of common salt; this is considered to be particularly harmless. The second option is filling with autologous fat, which uses fat deposits from your own body, such as the stomach, hips or buttocks. However, you can only gain a cup size with this method.

How is the breast enlargement procedure?

Of course, you will have a comprehensive consultation with the plastic surgeon, who will discuss with you exactly what ideas you have about your “dream breast” before procedure is performed. Together, choose an implant size and shape that best suits your breast. The doctor looks closely at your chest and may be able to show you before-and-after photos of other patients to give you a first impression of the end result. The doctor will explain exactly how and where he will use the implants, so later as little or no scars remain. Because it is a surgical procedure, you will be well informed about the risks that can occur with any surgery. Depending on the operation, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours. Depending on the degree of your medical situation, you stay in the clinic for 1 to 2 days.

How is the healing process going?

The stitches can be pulled after 14 days with a favourable healing process, after about two weeks you can participate in the social life and resume your work. In addition, you should wear a bra for four weeks after surgery to positively influence the result. However, you should refrain from doing sports during the complete healing process. Depending on the surgical method, visible scars may remain, but these usually heal and fade well. Your doctor may advise you otherwise, as there are special scar creams that make the scars paler.