Tips for the time after Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation – Tips for the time after Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: You absolutely need to take good care of yourself. When you finally do, then pay special attention to the afterwards. Here are the most important tips, compiled from the experience of different specialists.

Process after the surgery

The best thing is to stay in the clinic for at least one night after the surgery. Afterwards you will spend two weeks in rest at home so that everything can heal well. Such an intervention is an important thing for the body and you should definitely give it enough time to regenerate. This also includes the chores and working hours, which should make you better rest for the time. Also, the specialists advice not to lift anything for four to six weeks.

Special Bra

If your breast augmentation surgery involves implants, you will wear that special bra two to four weeks after the surgery. It is also very important that you should not change the fit.

The shower

The shower is to be suspended at least one week after the operation. Meanwhile, they only can be washed with washcloths. Also, sauna and solarium is suspended like sun and bath tubs as well. Avoid it for at least six weeks so that everything can be healed well.


You should pay special attention to a healthy diet after breast augmentation. Your body will need a lot of energy to process the procedure. Therefore, it is essential: alcohol and nicotine should be avoided. Give it a month; your body will thank you for sure!

Cooling and medicines

Of course, it is possible to have swelling or pain after such a surgery. You should keep cool the breast well and if necessary take medications that include a decongestant effect. Homeopathic arnica pellets or pineapple extract are suitable. Stay away from any medications that are blood thinning in any form. Stay in good contact with your doctor; consult if anything feels disturbing to you.

Dressing und Controls

If the bandage slips in the time after the procedure, do not lay hands on yourself. Again, please contact your doctor directly. He is the professional and has experience! Likewise, the checkups: Do not be too rash and let this out! This is where the attending physician can better assess how your healing process is progressing and avert possible complications.

Breast augmentation is an important procedure and should have been planned years before. In addition, if you plan a generous holiday period after the operation, then you have the head free and can concentrate only on your body. Whether and how much pain you will have, of course, is different for every woman individually. In any case, you should listen well to your body!