Weight Loss, What to Do With Your Butterweight

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Weight Loss, What to Do With Your Butterweight

Thanks to bariatric surgery, a lot of sport, a targeted change in diet or similar, you have been able to significantly reduce your body weight. First of all, congratulations.

However, this weight loss does not only have positive effects. Especially when the weight loss comes to an end, a big sagging fat skin flaps around. Not only unsightly, but also extremely annoying. Although the new body awareness tends towards clothing that is much more figure-hugging, the existing fatty skin painfully prevents this. Apart from sexy bathing suits. But what to do now? Why not just remove the fat and use it to tighten the stomach?

Goodbye Fat Belly, Hello Flat Tummy!

The stomach, previously perceived as the annoying, far too large center of the body, can not only visually benefit from removing the fat skin. It is not uncommon for sore spots to form through the overhanging skin, up to and including abscesses. These are not only extremely annoying, but also painful and smell unusual. Since skin lies on skin here, this area does not receive any air and is constantly moist, which can also have a negative effect on wound healing. Therefore, you should not only have the excess skin removed from a cosmetic point of view. Not to mention the new, flat stomach that you have had for a long time or perhaps never before.

Why Travel to Turkey For This?

According to the current status, removing the fat apron is a cosmetic operation in UK. This will therefore only be approved for you in exceptional cases, after a series of examinations, applications or the like, or even rejected. If you still want to have this done at your own expense, it will quickly become very expensive for you. That’s why we at Aesthetic Travel offer you an all-round carefree package that is significantly cheaper and saves you the hassle of the application process entirely.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to do it without high-quality medical work or the applicable standards. So you benefit in several ways. The Turkish sun, mentality and delicious food are also available. Here you can relax better than in a UK hospital room, the aftercare is carried out according to the same valid quality standards and is therefore often uncomplicated.

Now Your New Life Can Really Take Off

With the removal of the fat apron, you also remove the last evidence of the former overweight, which means an absolute added value for your new attitude to life. Finally live a much easier life and let your stomach shine flatter than ever. With the clothes that emphasize exactly what you wanted to cover up until now. Thanks to Aesthetic Travel, let health and beauty go hand in hand and be a role model for everyone who wants to do the same. For a self-determined, healthy and slimmer life – made possible by a fat apron removal in Turkey.

Make an appointment with us and come to Turkey for an in-depth consultation followed by an operation. The only thing that stands in the way of your new life is an annoying apron of fat that can be easily removed, often connected with almost invisible seams, thanks to the latest and most advanced surgical techniques.

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