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Fertility Treatment in Turkey: Artificial Insemination in Turkey

Fertility Treatment in Turkey: Your wish to become parents is big but so far it has not worked by natural means? Medicine nowadays offers multiple ways of artificial insemination to support you in achieving your dream of starting a family.

Artificial Insemination: Comprehensive Consultation, Diagnosis and individual treatment concept

Our team at Aesthetic Travel works closely with the most renowned fertility centres in Turkey. All centres have made a name for themselves by working with the most experienced specialists in the field of artificial insemination. The experts will support you with solid know-how, long-standing expertise, as well as a great deal of discretion and sensibility. We are here to assist you with getting in touch with the right centre and set-up your first consultation. Please do not hesitate to ask. You will experience the highest standard of service in the fertility centres in Turkey. The local specialists for artificial insemination and hormonal therapy take all the time needed for the consultation with you and your partner.

Your way to start a family

The first steps will be to determine you and your partners previous medical history to check for any potential previous illnesses or pre-existing medical conditions. A comprehensive diagnosis of both partners will follow. The results of these two examinations will form the basis for your individual treatment plan. Depending on the data retrieved, such plan may contain several procedures of artificial insemination as well as hormonal therapy.

Artificial Insemination and Hormonal Therapy – Competency and Experience

The inability of receiving a child naturally can be a very delicate topic. After all, you will be asked to share some of the most intimate aspects of your life, including your medical history and your sex life. Artificial insemination requires a great deal of patience, endurance as well as modern medicine. Fertility Treatment in Turkey: The fertility specialists in Turkey work with the highest degree of professionalism and have the most innovative methods at their disposal. Due to their extensive experience they are familiar with various methods of artificial insemination and hormonal therapy and work in compliance with current European practices and standards of research and technology. You will feel in the best hands not only when it comes to the medical side but also emotional support, discretion and empathy.

The individual methods for Artificial Insemination and Hormonal Therapy

Not being able to conceive can have various causes, sometimes multiple. By examining your previous medical history and running a full, extensive diagnosis, doctors may already be able to determine, whether a therapy including medical processes is necessary. In cases of light endometriosis and a positive spermiogram of the partner, it might suffice to simply adjust sexual intercourse to the women’s menstrual cycle. In cases of a hormonal disbalance, endocrine disorder or thyroid disorder, doctors will offer you the respective treatment. Based on the previous anamnesis and diagnosis, the fertility specialists in Turkey are able to treat every patient and couple individually, according to their very own physical conditions. Of course, doctors will speak to you about all possible risks and complications and advise you on alternative therapies before commencing treatment. They will also kindly inform you of all costs of the hormonal therapy and artificial insemination procedures.

The various methods of Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination and hormonal therapy often complement each other to achieve successful results. One such procedure is the Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). Here, the washed sperm of the partner (or a sperm donor) is injected into the woman’s uterus via a catheter. The sperm needs to be washed because it can otherwise lead to uterine cramping or expelling of the semen. An IUI has to happen on the day of ovulation, with chances being highest during the optimal moment of conception. Chances of getting pregnant are highest during these 12 hours. The fertility specialists in Turkey will help you in determining the ideal moment for an IUI. It might make sense to support the IUI through a hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, however that differs individually. Your fertility specialist in Turkey will discuss this and other options with you. Artificial Insemination offers various other procedures next to an IUI. As such, you have the option of the In-Vitro-Fertilisation, commonly known as IVF. During the classical IVF procedure, the ovary and washed sperm are brought together in a test tube. Fertilisation happens randomly with a natural selection of mobile and fast sperm. Beyond IVF there is also the method of ICSI, the intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Here, the ovary is micro-injected with the partner’s sperm to achieve pregnancy. Do you have trouble conceiving naturally? Here at Aesthetic Travel we help you find the specialist, that is right for you, your partner and your needs. Let us assist you in arranging your first consultation with one of the most renowned fertility centres in Turkey. The local doctors are experts in the field of artificial insemination and hormonal therapy. They are dedicated to helping you reach your dream of raising a child and starting your own family. Get in touch now and remember, you do not have to do this alone.