The Radiant Smile of Hollywood – from Turkey

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No matter whether in interpersonal or business relationships – there is no second chance for the first impression! This is significantly influenced by your smile. But not everyone is so satisfied with their teeth that they can laugh with ease. This often leads to an enormous reduction in self-confidence and quality of life. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers numerous possibilities to give you a brilliant white and perfect smile.

Professional and affordable dental cosmetics in Turkey

Are you annoyed by the yellowish or grayish discoloration of your teeth or do you suffer from misaligned teeth? Then you have probably already informed yourself about dental cosmetics on many occasions. Surely you have noted the high prices for a professional tooth whitening, veneers or lumineers. However, with the help of a comprehensive price comparison you can save a lot of money, because in other countries the different treatments from dental cosmetics are more affordable. In Turkey, for example, there are very good practices and clinics and above all numerous highly qualified dentists. Due to the legal situation there, it is possible to offer doctors modern services at a lower price. This gives people with a normal income the chance of a healthy and beautiful smile. Why should this happiness be reserved only for high earners and celebrities? The famous “million dollar smile” that enchants your fellow human beings should also be granted to you.

Combine a nice short holiday on the Bosporus with a dental treatment

More and more people from German-speaking countries have decided in the past to undergo dental treatment in Turkey. This makes sense at the latest when your dentist provides you with a cost estimate for the necessary treatment. Admittedly, Turkey is not exactly around the corner. But with the plane you are there in just a couple of hours and can combine your relaxed stay with the necessary dental treatment. In the morning you will spend a few hours in our practice and the rest of the day you can enjoy the sights and markets of Turkey. Do you have questions about crowns, veneers or lumineers and are you looking for an individual solution to your dental problem? Then we will be happy to advise you in advance on the phone so that you can throw all your concerns overboard. We look forward to your call and/or first contact.