Zirconium crown Turkey Costs – the artfully perfect dental prosthesis

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If you are looking for a perfectly fitting dental prosthesis, you are usually focused on two goals: First-class quality and favourable conditions. Zirconium is considered the optimal solution for dental patients who have opted for a crown. The material has numerous advantages and can be easily stained, among other things, so that the crown optically adapts to your other teeth. With a zirconium crown in Turkey you can reduce your costs enormously.

What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is the common name in dentistry. What is meant, however, is zirconium dioxide ZrO2, a type of ceramic that belongs to the group of oxide ceramics. Dentistry uses the material especially for dental crowns and dental implants. Zirconium is particularly stable, so that bridges without metal cores are not only sufficiently stable but also long lasting.

Traditional ceramics, which are less fracture resistant than zirconium dioxide, are made with a metal frame as a base to provide appropriate stability. These basic frameworks are then covered with a special layering ceramic to ensure an attractive esthetic appearance.

Even today, a metal core is still used for dental bridges that span very far, because zirconium also has certain limits. However, due to the excellent stability of zirconium dioxide, smaller ceramic frameworks are possible. In addition, zircon must also be clad with layering ceramics in order to ultimately have an aesthetic effect. This ceramic material is the same as that normally applied to frameworks for classic ceramic crowns. Externally, tooth crowns are thus identical.

Is there a serious difference between metal-ceramic and zirconium crowns?

This can be answered with No. The durability of dental crowns depends primarily on tooth grinding. To be precise, how the treating dentist grinds on the respective tooth. The material therefore has little influence when it comes to the durability and compatibility of the dental crowns.

Zircon crowns get a white alloy, which is used instead of a metal substructure. This gives your zirconium crowns a much more aesthetic appearance. The adaptation to your existing teeth can therefore be carried out with a very high precision. Since the alloy is translucent and the substructure is white, there are no dark edges in the area of the tooth necks. Furthermore, zircon crowns do not cause allergies and are therefore particularly recommended for patients suffering from allergies.

Turkish dental institutes/dental clinics or dental practices offer such extensive dental treatment. Here, you can often save thousands of euros without any loss in quality. A zirconium crown is made in Turkey using materials and equipment that are 100 percent compliant with EU standards. However, the costs for zircon crowns in Turkey are often between 50 and 70 percent lower than in Europe. The services offered by Turkish dentists include dental fees, laboratory costs and materials.

Zircon crowns are especially suitable for the following persons:

  • Who are allergic to metal
  • Who have discoloured root-treated teeth
  • Who have a tooth that is fixed by a ruined pin
  • Who want to replace their old metal-ceramic crowns because of the grey borders
  • Who already have zirconium crowns implants
  • Whose gaps are to be closed by aesthetic dentures

The equally aesthetic and sophisticated zirconium crown is therefore an excellent choice for patients who are looking for perfect dental prostheses with a guarantee to ultimately show a flawless smile over a long period of time.